Half Beef

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Half Beef

Regular price $1,500.00


A balance owing will be paid when the meat is ready to be picked up and an actual weight has been recorded. For a 1/2 half of beef, $1,500.00 is the majority of the payment; however, you will have a balance owing. See below for details. 

If you wish to pay for your meat with monthly payments, use the "Partial.ly" button at checkout!! 

How much beef is in a half beef?

A half beef yields a half of a beef which provides you approximately 250-325 lbs of frozen beef from the whole animal and will take up about 9 cubic feet in a freezer.

Cuts will vary based on the animal and will contain the following cuts of beef:

  • Steak -(New York & tenderloin, sirloin ) 1" - 2 per package
  • Ground Beef 1lb package(s)
  • Ribs (short ribs) sizes vary 
  • Roast (chuck, cross rib) sizes vary
  • Stew Meat 1lb package(s)
  • Stirfry Meat 1lb package(s)

Click here for custom cutting options. If you do not select custom cutting options, the above standard cut will be applied.

Your beef will be delivered sometime in September to December, depending on when the animal is in prime condition. The animals are all individually weighed and will each have a price for that particular portion of meat.  We estimate that half of the beef will be approximately 250 - 325 lbs and at $5 per pound, hang weight should come to $1,250 - $1,650 for the animal, the variable is the cutting and wrapping that gets paid by us at pick up and we forward the balance onto you once the meat has been processed.  We have an estimate that it will cost about $1.20 per pound but can vary based on what you have requested to be done with the animal. This is why we have the majority of the meat paid for and will collect the balance remaining once we have an exact weight and exact cost on cut/wrapping.