Our Story


Welcome to Iron Kreek Ranch - Prairie Gold Pastured Meats!

At Iron Kreek Ranch, our journey began in 2008 when Roxanne sought a more holistic approach to feeding her family. Eager to provide wholesome, nutrient-rich food, they embarked on an experiment, raising one animal solely on nutritious grasses. The results were outstanding, and the love for this sustainable and nourishing practice took root in their lives.

Roxanne and Kevin, the proud owners of Iron Kreek Ranch - Prairie Gold Pastured Meats, have made it their mission to dedicate their livelihood to learning from the animals, industry professionals, peers, and valued clients. Their profound belief in nourishing every aspect of the farming process, from the soil to the final product, drives their commitment to excellence.

With unwavering dedication, Roxanne and Kevin have cultivated top-quality meats for their own families and are now thrilled to extend this passion to yours. This endeavour is truly a labor of love, borne from their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts.

Iron Kreek Ranch has a rich history intertwined with the Ziola family. Since 1947, the Ziola's have cared for the land and animals that thrive upon it. As the third generation to steward these precious resources, they deeply understand the importance of sustainable practices, responsible land management, and preserving the legacy of Iron Kreek Ranch.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we share the fruits of our hard work, ensuring that every bite you savour embodies the love and dedication that go into raising top-quality, pasture-raised meats.

Experience the difference at Iron Kreek Ranch - Prairie Gold Pastured Meats, where tradition, sustainability, and exceptional quality unite to feed both your body and soul.