Commitment to our Customers


As Herd Manager I agree to the following:

  • I will feed and care for all live animals in a manner that is harmonious with nature and regenerative to the soil, the grasses, the cattle, and the eater.
  • I will feed the beef animals for the duration of their life on a mix of grasses, legumes, and other forbs – no grain or high-energy ration will supplement their diet – the beef animals will be 100% pasture finished.
  • I will never use any synthetic fertilizers or chemical sprays on the pastures or hay land that is used for feeding your herd.
  • I will never use growth promoters or hormones.
  • I will treat cows for sickness as needed with an emphasis on herbal and homeopathic remedies. I do however regard antibiotics as a valuable tool and may use them judiciously in the event of serious illness.
  • I will always use low-stress livestock handling techniques, especially at slaughter.
  • I will slaughter the animals in a manner that dignifies the life that is given to nourish the owners and their families.
  • I will run a fully transparent operation, welcoming the shareholders at any time.
  • I will hold harmless shareholders for any loss, damage or expense caused by the action of any animal in the herd or through any undertaking related to this contract.
  • I will always strive to produce the best quality beef for the owners of the herd and their families.